ImageIt’s the mountains, the sea, the most beautiful sunset and maybe those eyes. I can’t do without looking into them sometimes. Feeling restless is a constant complaint. It’s so demanding to have to satisfy that craving every now and then. I’m not brave enough to use that term. Wanderer. I take a bus, go to a familiar place, take some friends, go spend the night in a tent, breathe fresh air and suddenly I’m so much happier. I suppress my desire to just keep moving to find my spot by listening to my favourite songs that take me to these places and when I eventually find myself there, even if it’s just by a lake in the next town, I’m so happy. That feeling when you have nothing on your mind but the rhythm of the ripples on the water… It’s euphoric. Silence is almost therapeutic and it’s so strange that it does not have the same effect it did when it came to visit you in your apartment. That was the evil twin brother. Silence. Calm. Stationary. No the clouds are still moving and it’s so beautiful- the reflection of the moving clouds in the water. Nice and slow. It’s then that I stop dreaming of a land far away only to realise home was here all along. Image


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