Musings of an Architect

I proudly mention to people I meet that I am an architect because I love the built form and have acquired a positive sense of space.

2008, and I wasn’t as open to the idea of the study of building and construction, as I understood it. I had the aptitude. I could draw a straight line on an A4 sheet and had a vague idea of complimentary colour. Straight into college, a lecture about a dot on a plane didn’t hold any relevance to me primarily because I was ill-read of the subject and unaware. I was too lazy to ask questions but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t. Architecture is like music in so many ways. Fine art. Subjective. The beauty lies in the difference. There are principles that define the science that took me a while to understand and philosophies I linked them to. That was when it all started to make sense.

It is unfortunate that I cannot look back at my five years at architecture school and remember quotes from lectures or workshops that taught me the value of this art. Conversations about architecture with my mother and one of my closest friends through college were probably what acted as the cornerstone. Just like your favorite song playing during that perfect sunset by the sea, it is overwhelming at times. You realise that it is all a part of the oldest story ever written; that every human, social and cultural condition continues to influence built form and habitable space.

Architecture is design. A very cohesive term. Good design to me would mean great aesthetic with a usability quotient that is either well defined or limitless. I’m not sure I would be a practising architect for the rest of my life but I’m certain there will always be moments I look fixedly at a facade for a long while or maybe a tile or fixture in a cafe only to be interrupted by the smell of a well made cappuccino.


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